Court Services

We will come to your office daily and pick up all court filings to be filed. After filing those documents with the appropriate court (at your direction) we will return the conformed copies to you. We are registered with the LA County Clerk/Registrar Recorder’s office as a Registered Process Server and can handle all of your document service needs. Upon completion of service, we will file the proof of service with the appropriate court and return a conformed copy to you. At your direction, we can also file a declaration of due diligence for any service that is unable to be performed.

All process service requests are billed at full rates quoted whether service is successful or unsuccessful.

We are one of the ONLY firms to post our general process serving rates on our internet site for ALL to see. Many of our competitors believe in charging a higher rate for services to out-of-area clients or charge multiple times for multiple defendants located at the same address, which we believe should be considered a deceptive practice. Wayne Luke & Associates values all of its clients, regardless of their location or volume, and as such Wayne Luke & Associates charges the exact same rate that we would charge to a local high volume client.

We look forward to doing whatever is necessary to help establish a working professional relationship for our future clients and to assist your office in accomplishing the goals and needs of your clients.